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BigONE Referral Code: P3GP8GN5. It is the most used referral code in the world, valid for life, with the highest discount rate. All information about BigONE Cryptocurrency exchange is here.

BigONE Referral Code: P3GP8GN5. It is the most used referral code in the world, valid for life, with the highest discount rate. BigONE is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. It was established in 2017 and registered in Seychelles. The group operates in Russia, Brazil, Vietnam, Seychelles, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia, providing marketing, investment and blockchain technology research and development services.

BigONE's mission is to provide the most secure and convenient trading and escrow services to all citizens in the Digital Age. We believe that citizens in the Digital Age deserve a better choice because, due to recent gaps in market security and fluctuations in policies, they truly need a safe, convenient and reliable infrastructure. BigONE helps users hunt for more valuable encrypted assets, delivers a high-quality trading experience, and helps clients trade and manage their digital assets securely and conveniently with the help of our cutting-edge technologies and management flow.

What are the Features of BigONE Cryptocurrency Exchange?

An Extremely Safe Stock Exchange

BigONE adopts two-step verification and notification. BigONE separates cold and hot wallets, distributes multiple signatures, and monitors the status of wallets and assets in real time. Because of the way the encrypted key is created, no one can obtain the private key on their own. BigONE aims to be the world's most secure blockchain asset trading platform by leveraging well-established technology expertise and operational process, significantly reducing risks and guaranteeing the security of our users' digital assets.

Offers One-Stop Service

Currently, BigONE has a full range of products including spot, leverage, futures, asset management and PoS mining pools. As part of meeting users' diversified needs for investment assets, BigONE keeps a close eye on market movements, helping users participate in trends and secure their benefits.

Acts as a Multi-Asset Trustee

BigONE supports multiple blockchain assets including BTC、ETH、ERC20、ETC、ZEC、SC. BigONE aims to meet all the demands of the user.

Offers a Seamless Trading Experience

BigONE uses advanced technologies to ensure the speed of the transaction, updating the detailed order book and P/L so that users can have the best trading experience they have ever had.

It is a Multi-Platform Supported Exchange

BigONE is a web-based platform that supports all operating systems and devices.

Provides Proof of Reserve (100% asset reserve)

BigONE keeps users' assets in reserve and does not distribute assets in any way. The mechanism provided by BigONE allows users to track the status of assets at any time.

What are BigONE Commission Fees?

Spot Trading:

Maker fee: 0.02%

Taker fee: 0.06%

Margin Trading:

Maker fee: 0.03%

Taker fee: 0.05%

Futures Trading:

Maker fee: 0.02%

Taker fee: 0.04%


BigONE Earn

What İs BigONE Exchange Earn?

BigONE Earn is a suite of earning products offered by BigONE Exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange that offers a variety of trading options including spot trading, margin trading, and futures trading. BigONE Earn allows users to earn passive income through cryptocurrencies by participating in various staking, yield farming, and DeFi opportunities.

What are BigONE Earn Features?

Flexible Staking: Users can choose from a variety of staking options with different locking periods and interest rates. This allows users to customize their earning strategies based on their risk tolerance and investment goals.

High Yield Farming: Users can participate in yield farming opportunities to earn high returns from cryptocurrencies. Yield farming involves lending or staking crypto assets into liquidity pools to earn rewards in the form of newly minted tokens or fees from trading activities.

Various DeFi Products: BigONE Earn offers a variety of DeFi products, including lending, borrowing, and liquidity mining. These products provide users with various opportunities to earn passive income and participate in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

What are the Benefits of Using BigONE Earn?

Passive Income Generation: BigONE Earn allows users to generate passive income through cryptocurrencies without the need for active trading or market monitoring.

Diversification of Earnings: BigONE Earn offers a variety of earning products that allow users to diversify their earning streams and reduce their exposure to any one asset or protocol.

Access to DeFi Opportunities: BigONE Earn provides users with easy access to DeFi products, allowing them to participate in the growing DeFi ecosystem and earn rewards from decentralized financial infrastructure.

Overall, BigONE Earn is a comprehensive suite of earning products that offers users various opportunities to earn passive income through cryptocurrencies. BigONE Earn appeals to a wide range of users, from beginners to experienced crypto enthusiasts, with flexible staking options, high-yield farming opportunities, and a variety of DeFi products.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using BigONE Earn?



In conclusion

If you're looking for a way to generate passive income from your cryptocurrency assets, BigONE Earn is a worthwhile option to consider. With a variety of product offerings and competitive interest rates, BigONE Earn offers users a variety of opportunities to maximize their earnings and participate in the growing DeFi environment.

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