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BTSE Referral Code: 006qbaJ2. It is the most used referral code in the world, valid for life, with the highest discount rate. All information about BTSE Cryptocurrency exchange is here.

BTSE Referral Code: 006qbaJ2. It is the most used referral code in the world, valid for life, with the highest discount rate. BTSE the world’s favorite crypto exchange, offering simple, secure and efficient cryptocurrency trading. With products and services crafted for the convenience of both end-users and institutions, we pride ourselves on being the go-to platform for all things crypto.

BTSE Vision consists of a future where immutable digital currencies play a key role in financial services worldwide.

BTSE Mission lies with fueling the widespread use of versatile crypto-based financial services that are trusted by institutions, while being intuitive enough for everyone.

Spot Trading

Trade on one of the most versatile spot markets. Enjoy an enhanced trading experience with the All-in-One order book for deeper liquidity, tighter spreads, and a wider variety of pairs.

Futures Trading

Trade futures with multi-asset margin and settlement in USD, BTC, or your choice of stablecoin. Post margin and settle in any crypto-fiat combination with greater flexibility.


Access BTSE's 24/7 OTC services to get quotes fast and easily. With streaming quotes, get real-time market prices for hundreds of trading pairs for free!

Multiple Settlement Channels

BTSE's multiple fiat on-/off-ramps provide a one-stop solution for deposits/withdrawals, trading and conversion of funds.


Earn among the industry's highest interest and choose from a wide range of flexible, fixed-term and staking products, or lend your idle assets to BTSE's capital pool.

24/7 Customer Support

Have Access to BTSE's 24/7 customer support anytime, anywhere.

Enterprise Solutions

BTSE offers comprehensive support for businesses looking to adopt and utilize blockchain technology in their operations.

BTSE Power

What İs BTSE Token?

BTSE Token (BTSE) was launched on March 5, 2020, as an exchange utility token intended to enhance the user experience within the BTSE ecosystem. It stands out as the first exchange token running on Liquid, a Bitcoin sidechain-based settlement network designed for traders and exchanges. This network integrates features like Confidential Transactions and Confidential Assets, aiming to elevate on-chain privacy levels.

BTSE Token => Stake to unlock its potential.

Staking Benefits Maker Fee Rebate Up to 0.003%.

BTSE Token Transparency Report and BTSE Burn Transactions Link is =>

What İs BTSe Earn?

BTSE Earn is an easy way to earn interest on your assets. You can choose from a range of earn products for your preferred assets.

APY determines the annual interest generated by each product, inclusive of compounded interest. For flexible products, the APY is floating. For fixed products the APY is locked when you deposit your assets.

The interest payout period varies by product. You can find more details in the product profiles.

Staking with us allows you to earn high interest on selected assets. We save you the operational hassles while providing access to pre-vetted quality projects. Empower your idle assets and let us do the work for you. Note: Interest payout will not be received in the case of early redemption.

Flexible term deposit allow you to redeem anytime. The interest rate is variable with compounding interest pay-out.

The interest rate of fixed term deposit is guaranteed during the period of deposit. Interest pay-out will be cancelled upon early redemption.

Compounding interest is calculated based on the initial deposit plus accumulated interest. Comparing to non-compouding, the total return on investment is higher when compounding interest applies.

Lending is a fixed term deposit product. By lending your assets to BTSE's capital pool, you will earn guaranteed interest based on the asset you choose to lend. Interest pay-out will be cancelled upon early redemption.

BTSE offers a number of products in cooperation with reputable partners, such as well performing crypto funds, in order to give users a growing range of options in BTSE Earn. With these products, users choose to lend their deposits to these partners directly, which will in turn invest in high-value emerging projects, so higher interest rates could be offered to the users on selected tokens.

BTSE Earn Link is =>

What İs BTSE Trading Fees?

Fiat Deposit / Withdrawal Fees and Limits =>

Digital Currency Deposit / Withdrawal Fees and Limits =>

Spot and Futures Trading Fees

Understanding Your Spot Trading Fees

Spot trading on BTSE involves two main types of fees:

Maker Fee: When you place an order that doesn't fill immediately (like a limit order), and it gets added to the order book, you're a "Maker." You're essentially "making" the market by adding liquidity.

Taker Fee: When you place an order that fills immediately (like a market order), taking away from the orders already in the order book, you're a "Taker."

What are spot trading fees?

Spot trading fees are the charges you pay when you complete a trade on the spot market.

How do spot trading fees work?

When you make a trade, the fees are taken from the currency you receive. So, if you buy BTC using USDT, your fee is charged in BTC. But, if you sell BTC for USDT, then the fee is in USDT.

Can I get a discount on spot trading fees?

Yes, you can! If you're an active trader with us, you can enjoy discounted fees, depending on your VIP level. You’ll qualify for lower fees by trading a lot on spot or futures and holding specific amounts of BTSE Token.

BTSE Spot Trading Fees Link is =>

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BTSE Rewards Hub

Rewards Hub = Unleash the Perks!

Get rewarded for completing tasks and participating in events.

Experience BTSE’s newly enhanced platform and be rewarded for your engagement. Unlock valuable prizes as you explore all the innovative features on BTSE!

The BTSE Rewards Hub serves as a user-friendly interface where you can effortlessly engage in various tasks and earn diverse rewards. Each voucher you receive as a reward provides distinct advantages such as token airdrops, test funds for futures trading, and BTSE Cash.

Upon successful registration with BTSE, you will receive an initiation package consisting of multiple beginner tasks. By completing these tasks, you will earn the opportunity to redeem BTSE Cash.

You can find the rewards you've claimed under the “My Rewards” tab. To check your rebate balance, go to the “BTSE Cash History” tab. The voucher and rebate amounts are calculated based on the real-time exchange rate at the time of distribution.


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