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HTX Referral Code: a9f26223. It is the most used referral code in the world, valid for life, with the highest discount rate. All information about HTX Cryptocurrency exchange is here.

HTX Referral Code: a9f26223. It is the most used referral code in the world, valid for life, with the highest discount rate.

Founded in 2013, HTX is a world-leading company in the digital economy industry with a mission to make breakthroughs in core blockchain technologies and integrate blockchain technology with other industries. Surrounding the upstream and downstream sectors, Huobi Group covers industry blockchain, public chain, digital asset trading and wallet, digital economy research, etc. expanded its fields and established a global industry ecosystem for the digital economy.

HTX Group is licensed for digital asset services in many countries and regions around the world. It has established regulated entities in many countries and regions, including Japan, South Korea, Gibraltar, and more. With the principle of globalization, professionalism, compliance and diversity, HTX Group is committed to providing secure and reliable Internet of Value (IoV) services to its tens of millions of users in more than 100 countries and regions.

How to Use the HTX Referral Code-Referral ID 

Step 1: Click on the HTX register link. (Sign Up)

Step 2: Continue to register with your E-Mail or Mobile Phone number and Click to send.

Step 3: Make sure that a9f26223 Reference Code is written on the screen that says Referral Code (Optional).

Step 4: Set yourself a password and write it on the screen. Make a note of your password so you don't forget it.

Step 5: Click where it says Sign Up. It's that simple. You can now start buying Bitcoin and Altcoins.

HTX Global Referral Code for Valid for Lifetime: 241$ USDT Bonus & 90% Discount

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In this guide, we will share our most exclusive HTX Global Referral Code valid for the year 2023 and forever. If you sign up via our link, you get 30% cashback on transaction fees and a bonus of up to $241. You will also be able to enjoy all the great features Huobi has to offer, such as the Huobi Earnings feature.

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What is HTX Token (HT)

HTX Tokens (HT) were first issued in 2018 with a total supply of 500 million. The Total Supply of Huobi Tokens running on the Ethereum and Near blockchain has reached 200 million units.

The HT Token can be used for fee reductions, voting on swap decisions, early access to special events, and more.

You can also get crypto rewards from seasonal buybacks and trade with other cryptocurrencies listed on the Huobi exchange.

To get discounted fees on the platform and lower your commission fees, first register with HTX Referral Code => "a9f26223".

Then buy the HT Token and keep it in your wallet and use it for transaction fees. In this way, you can lower your commission fees even more.

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