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Probit Global Referral Code: 80344165. It is the most used referral code in the world, valid for life, with the highest discount rate. All information about Cryptocurrency exchange is here.

Probit Global Referral Code: 80344165. It is the most used referral code in the world, valid for life, with the highest discount rate.

Probit a world class cryptocurrency exchange for all. Buy and sell your favorite cryptocurrencies with ease. Unlimited access to Bitcoin, Ethereum and 800+ altcoins in 1000+ markets.

800+ => Coins

1,000+ => Markets

TOP 20 => Real traffic

2,000,000 => Monthly active users

Build your portfolio in a few clicks

Fiat on-ramp support available for more than 50 currencies. Buy your favorite cryptocurrencies using Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple Pay or bank transfer.

Trade smarter with automated trading bots

ProBit Global offers support for different trading bots, each with their own unique advantages. Explore automated trading strategies with trading bots on ProBit Global.

Support for 40+ languages

ProBit Global currently offers services in more than 40 languages and remains committed to adding more. We aim to ensure that a wide variety of languages are catered for.

Cold wallet storage

95% of ProBit Global digital assets are stored in cold wallets to protect users from security breaches and theft.

Encryption algorithms

Personal information and wallet keys are encrypted multiple times to ensure privacy.

Two-factor authentication

ProBit Global supports FIDO U2F hardware keys and software-based 2FA for secure user login.

Zero hacking

ProBit Global boasts a flawless track record in keeping customer funds safe, with zero hacking incidents recorded since inception.

What İs Probit Token (PROB)

Probit Token (PROB) is the token of the Probit cryptocurrency exchange. Holding and staking PROB reaps tons of benefits!

Lower trading fees

Stake PROB and pay trading fees in PROB to lower trading fees down to 0.03%.

Buy more with less

Use PROB to purchase Exclusive tokens with huge discounts.

Be a champion

Join trading competitions and win prizes.

What İs Probit Global Trading Fees?

Effective Trading Fee: 0.03% ~ 0.20%

Earn trading fee discounts!

Stake PROB and pay as low as 0.05% in trading fees

The more PROB staked, the higher your membership level and trading fee discounts!

Pay trading fees using PROB and get up to 40% in discounts

Aside from membership level discounts, receive an additional 0.02% discount when using PROB for transaction fees.

ex.) VIP 11 trading fees are reduced from 0.05% to 0.03% when paying with PROB

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What İs Probit Academy?


Take your first trip down the rabbit hole and build your knowledge of blockchain and crypto fundamentals here with ProBit Global.

Probit Academy Link is =>


What İs Probit Global Hummingbot?

ProBit Global is excited to announce a successful integration with Hummingbot!

You can now trade algorithmically via Hummingbot to set up automated and fully customizable market making bots, simply by adding your ProBit Global API keys on Hummingbot.

What is Market Making and How to Profit?

Market making is the strategic placement of bid and ask orders on a specific market in an attempt to capitalize off the spread, or price difference between current bid and ask orders. Hummingbot also allows you to profit via arbitrage between ProBit and another exchange. 

What is Hummingbot and its Benefits 

Hummingbot is an open-source software that enables anyone to automate market making services via computer software across any of the 1,000 markets available on ProBit Global, making it easier than ever to maximize your gains from the various spreads across the market. 

By using Hummingbot, users can use a cross market maker option by placing a buy order on one exchange while simultaneously placing a sell order at a higher price on a different exchange to effectively set up an automated arbitrage system across multiple exchanges. 

The service is aimed at lowering the entry barrier for newer traders and enables the set up of custom trading bots following simple configurations. This further increases the potential for traders to capture value from the volatile crypto markets without manually tracking or replacing orders as well as providing built-in risk management triggers such as the kill-switch feature. 

What İs Probit Global Deltabadger?

What is Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) and Why is it Popular?

Dollar-cost averaging, or DCA, is a commonly used investing tactic which involves a recurring hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly buying or selling of a specific asset determined by a pre-set time frame. A key advantage of this approach is that traders are not required to time the market and can simply execute DCA without any underlying analysis or misgivings. 

DCA stands in stark contrast with the approach of allocating all funds to a single, or lump-sum purchase where a timely entry is critical for success. 

*For example, instead of completing a lump-sum purchase of $12,000 in BTC today, a DCA investor would simply purchase $1,000 in BTC every month over the course of a full year.

This approach can be particularly useful when targeting a volatile market such as cryptocurrency by smoothing out the inevitable ebbs and flows over the course of time. 

DCA is essentially a risk-mitigated HODL strategy that can be attractive for newer traders while also minimizing the financial repercussions stemming from human as well as market sentiment such as FUD and FOMO. 

What is Deltabadger and How to use it?

Deltabadger is the most advanced dollar-cost average bot on the market, currently providing DCA bots that enable anyone to set up automated hourly, weekly, or monthly strategies for any of the tokens listed on ProBit Global using USDT. 

84% of all Deltabadger bots and 100% of those started over a year ago are in the green.

Deltabadger's signature feature is the smart interval option that will direct the bot to place all orders according to the minimum order size permitted, essentially prioritizing order execution at the minimum allotment as opposed to time frame. 

Smart intervals will also enable bots to continue running even when the automated purchasing amount is less than the minimum order permitted by simply recalculating the frequency at which orders are placed. 

Limit orders are another way of hedging risk by reducing the standard 0.2% fees on ProBit Global augmented by price range filters to restrict transaction execution to within a specified range. 

ProBit Global’s minimum order size is 1 USDT so with the smart interval function activated, Deltabadger bots will always execute orders at 1 USDT regardless of timeframe.

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