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LBANK Referral Code: TMSN. It is the most used referral code in the world, valid for life, with the highest discount rate. All information about LBANK Cryptocurrency exchange is here.

LBANK Referral Code: TMSN. It is the most used referral code in the world, valid for life, with the highest discount rate. Founded in 2015, LBank Exchange (PT LBK TEKNOLOGY INDONESIA) is a top cryptocurrency trading platform with licenses of NFA, MSB, and Canada MSB. LBank Exchange provides global users with secure, professional, and convenient products and services, including Cryptocurrency Trading, Derivatives, Staking, NFT, and LBK Labs investment.

LBank Exchange currently supports 50+ fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, JPY,  CAD, AUD, RUB, INR, AED, etc.; Purchase of major digital assets, including BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.; and 20+ payment methods, including Master Card, Visa, Google Play, ApplePay, Bank Transfer, etc.

LBank Exchange has set up offices in different countries to deliver better services in more places, and the Operation Office is in Indonesia.

Buy Crypto

At LBank, you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies in nearly 200 fiat currencies via bank transfer or credit/debit card.

Spot and ETF

LBank provides users with spot trading and ETF trading of 700+ cryptocurrencies, ranking among the top in the industry in terms of variety.


You can trade contracts with up to 125x leverage across 100+ cryptocurrencies. LBank also offers a wide range of options products.

What İs LBANk Earn?

LBank Flexible Staking

Flexible deposits and withdrawals, no need for locking periods, instant rewards upon holding.

LBank Locked Staking

Providing value-added services for users' idle assets.

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LBank NFT serves as a centralized trading platform for users to trade NFT more easily. All users can post and trade their works here, making art more valuable and freer.

You may buy the NFT in marketsplce by fixed price or auction. Artists may hold their works under concealed until the buyer complete the deal.


LBank users can upload their own NFT works, currently supports PNG, JPG, JEGE format NFT.


Once your work is approved, you can get your own NFT or get NFT by paying the appropriate fee.


After the NFT is uploaded and approved, it will be immediately put on the trading market to participate in the sale.

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What İs LBANK Labs?

At LBank Labs, we thrive on the power of connections and believe in fostering strong relationships within the industry. We're not your average exchange - while LBank boasts a massive global user base of over 9 million, LBank Labs operates independently in both structure and approach, using a Venture Fund model to drive our investments in funds, primary projects, and liquid projects.

With a protocol and exchange-agnostic mindset, we're committed to supporting projects through direct funding, acceleration, incubation, and unparalleled networking within our web. And with $100 million AUM currently under our belt, we're well-equipped to help startups take flight. But that's not all - our Fund of Fund network, which includes a whopping 12 funds as of Q1 2023, opens doors to direct communication with $1 Billion+ AUM. And with operations and offices spanning 7 global regions - from San Francisco to Dubai to Shanghai and beyond - we're in a prime position to keep building this network together.

LBank Labs prides itself on its bold and innovative approach to identifying the most promising opportunities in Web3. Unlike other industry players who tend to view the sector through the narrow lens of tech stacks or overhyped buzzwords like gamefi and defi, we take a more nuanced and sophisticated approach.

We firmly believe that the next bull run will be driven by projects with a proven track record of strong adoption and recognition, and we prioritize projects that demonstrate:

A robust platform that encourages user adoption and engagement

A standard benchmark for others to follow

An ecosystem that lays the foundation for sustainable growth and development

In light of these criteria, we have developed the PSE thesis, which represents a departure from traditional investment frameworks and highlights our commitment to identifying the most promising opportunities in Web3.


What İs LBANK Trading Fees?

Spot Trading Fee => 0.10% Maker 0.10% Taker

ETF Trading Fee => 0.20% Maker 0.20% Taker

Futures Trading Fee => 0.02% Maker 0.06% Taker

LBank does not charge any deposit fees for cryptocurrencies. There is no withdrawal fee for internal transfer of cryptocurrencies on the platform.

A certain fee is required for each external withdrawal of digital assets, which is used to pay for the blockchain transfer fee for withdrawing cryptocurrency outside the LBank account.

Note: The withdrawal fee is determined by the corresponding mainnet. In case of network congestion or other circumstances, the mainnet may adjust the fee without further notice. You can view the real-time rate on the withdrawal page, and the rate displayed on the withdrawal page shall prevail.


What İs LBANK Launchpad?

LBank Launchpad is where we hand-pick the most promising projects for you. Commit to purchase tokens before they soar.

Where Quality Projects Take Off.


MetaExpand, an abbreviation for Universal Metaverse Expansion Protocol (token name: UMM), is a generic metaverse expansion protocol. It serves as a foundational infrastructure for the metaverse ecosystem, significantly reducing the technological gap between public chains and metaverse applications. MetaExpand provides friendly, metaverse-oriented storage, communication, privacy, cross-chain capabilities, and foundational plugins and development standards, allowing developers to focus less on the technological differences of the underlying blockchain. Additionally, MetaExpand will offer paradigmatic applications for basic metaverse components, usable both as public plugins and as starting points for rapid development. MetaExpand aims to be compatible with other mainstream public chains and empower them, extending and accelerating their metaverse development capabilities.


LBANK Bonus Center

The newly registered users will get rewards by completing tasks within 30 days.

1. This activity is only available to users who sign up after 0:00 (UTC+8) on September 3, 2021, and each newly registered user has the one and only chance to participate. The beginners' tasks activity lasts for 30 days only.

2. Completed tasks will be confirmed on T+1. You may find your rewards in[My Coupons]when the tasks are completed.

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