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WhiteBIT Referral Code: de8cf08f-f366-4bed-aef4-a790ed8e357c. It is the most used referral code in the world, valid for life, with the highest discount rate. All information about WhiteBIT Cryptocurrency exchange is here.

WhiteBIT Referral Code: de8cf08f-f366-4bed-aef4-a790ed8e357c. It is the most used referral code in the world, valid for life, with the highest discount rate.

WhiteBIT Referral Code: de8cf08f-f366-4bed-aef4-a790ed8e357c. WhiteBIT is one of the biggest European crypto exchanges, founded back in 2018 in Ukraine. We prioritize safety, transparency, and constant development. Hence, over 4 million users choose us and stay with us. Blockchain is the future of technology, and we make this future available to everyone.

WhiteBIT Mission

"For half a decade, we have focused on widespread adoption of blockchain technology while fortifying its security, advancing usability, and providing our community with top-notch services"

Volodymyr Nosov, WhiteBIT СЕО 


We are open, so we regularly undergo Hacken.io cyber security audits and hold the leadership in the CER.live rating with the highest AAA level.

More Than Just An Exchange

What is WhiteBIT Exchange Customer Service Number?

The numbers specified on the WhiteBIT exchange website are as follows.

WhiteBIT Customer Service Number

WhiteBIT E-Mail List

How Much Are WhiteBIT Fees?

Withdrawal fees depend on blockchain fees and the price of an asset. They can be changed without notice. Always check the information on the withdrawal page.

Trading Fees

Get up to 100% Maker fee discount with owning or holding WBT

Spot Trading Fees

Please note that the trading fee can vary for some pairs, but it never exceeds 0.1%

0.1% Taker

0.1% Maker

Futures Trading Fees

Please note that the trading fee can vary for some pairs, but it never exceeds 0.035%

0.035% Taker

0.01% Maker

Daily fee for using funds in margin trading and borrow


For all fees, please click on the link => https://whitebit.com/fees

WhiteBIT System Page - Server Status

Information about deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and trading of national currencies and crypto assets, as well as their status and availability. 

WhiteBIT Server Status Link İs => https://whitebit.com/system-page

Is There a WhiteBIT Bug Bounty Reward?


We do not limit the maximum amount of rewards in any way and can increase the reward depending on the severity of the vulnerability. You are more likely to receive increased rewards if you show how vulnerability can be used to cause maximum harm.

Here is a list of approximate rewards for detecting vulnerabilities:

What İs WhiteBIT Earn?

WhiteBIT Earn is a product family from the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange. With the help of WhiteBIT Earn, you can earn on lending or staking crypto.

Crypto Lending

This product used to be called SMART Staking. It allows you to make profit by lending your funds to the exchange in a certain cryptocurrency by using one of the available plans.


Staking cryptocurrency means that with your investment, you participate in the performance of various network functions in exchange for a reward (fixed or in the form of interest). Your cryptocurrency becomes part of the Proof-of-Stake process, that is, it provides verification and protection of all transactions without the participation of a bank or payment processor and receives income for this.

Passive Income

Make a profit only from holding or lending your own assets by choosing one or another product among Earn.

Asset Security

We store 96% of digital assets in cold wallets and use WAF to detect and block hackers.

Easy Interaction

Open or close plans in a few minutes. Investment statuses are displayed on the personal balance.

What İs WhiteBIT Card?

Various Payment Options

Pay in millions of locations worldwide using multiple currencies with WhiteBIT Card.

Support of Apple Pay and Google Pay

Apple Pay and Google Pay are available. Add the WhiteBIT Card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay Wallet and use it worldwide any time!

Convenient Withdrawal of Funds

Easily turn your digital assets into cash and withdraw GEL, USD, or EUR to your wallet.

Instant Funds Access

Withdraw up to 2 000 USD per day in Visa-compatible ATMs worldwide.

How to get the card?

Getting your WhiteBIT card is easy! Follow these steps.

Step 1: Check the eligibility requirements

Before you apply for the WhiteBIT Card, make sure you meet the following criteria: enabled Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in your exchange account; verified your identity (KYC); you have the first holding level WBT.

Step 2: Pass the quick verification step

To apply for the WhiteBIT Card, you need an International Passport, Georgian ID Card, or Georgian Residence Permit. With one of these documents, you can quickly pass the verification step.

Step 3: Start the KYC application procedure in PayUnicard

Complete the necessary KYC steps to order your card on the PayUnicard website. You'll need to provide some personal information and wait for approval.

What İs WhiteBIT Launchpad?

Crypto Launchpad is a platform that helps WhiteBIT users discover new crypto projects, select those they support the most, and vote for their listing on WhiteBIT. To buy a new asset before it hits the market, users need to facilitate its listing by voting. 

How to Start?

See how to join the community of early investors and ignite your journey through WhiteBIT Launchpad

Step 1 => Start of Voting

If you have WBT in Holding, you can vote for the project to support it within the WhiteBIT Launchpad.

Step 2 => Settlement Period

For the project to get listed on the exchange, it must collect a sufficient amount of votes. Once the settlement period is over to partake in token distribution.

Step 3 => Final Distribution of Tokens

As soon as the Launchpad ends and the project receives enough votes for the listing, you will be credited with the new tokens. If the project does not get enough votes, your funds will be returned to you.

You Can Only Vote with WBT in Holding

The amount of USDT allocation that you can use for voting depends on the amount of WBT in Holding.

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