Who are we?

The website, where the referral codes of the world's best cryptocurrency exchanges are presented to our visitors, was created by 4 like-minded crypto lovers who are reluctant to share their real pictures.

Our founder Oz is known for his interesting ideas and forward thinking. He is punctual, strict and loves order.

Our lawyer Cullen is obsessed with the law. He loves to hit the gavel with his heavy but powerful knowledge.

Our support staff, Dalia, is understanding and kind. She loves to help everyone and cooks great meals.

Karl is a real social media monster. Doesn't look up from his mobile phone. He browses X(Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Whatsapp and dozens of social media applications day and night.

Here is the team and family. It strives to bring you the referral codes of the most used cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. To support us, sign up with our referral codes. Come on, what are you waiting for on this page!


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